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General Practice

Comprehensive Legal Services

Mark represents a wide range of clients with very different and specific legal needs. As a personal injury attorney, that may include compensation for injuries from car and motorcycle accidents, a slip or fall, dog bites, defamation including libel or slander, property damage, wrongful death, or many other events or wrongs.

As a business and commercial law practice attorney, Mark Rater also represents homeowners, contractors, and business owners with everything from drafting agreements and enforcing contracts to appeals after the trial.

In addition to his experience in business law, Mark handles a wide variety of general legal needs such as property damage, disability, consumer disputes, and credit and insurance issues.

Real Estate

Rater Law Office has handled hundreds of real estate closings and title opinions. Mark has successfully represented clients in a variety of real estate matters including: seller’s failure to disclose a material defect, lot line adjustments, easements and adverse possession.


Many new or current business owners desire the benefits of incorporation as a Schedule C, Schedule S, or an LLC.  Mark has experience drafting these documents and making sure they are properly set up and filed.


If you have a disability or health condition that requires accommodations from your employer or causes you to be unable to work, you may be eligible for benefits such as Social Security Disability; Supplemental Security Income; Family and Medical Leave; American with Disabilities Act; Short Term Disability; Long Term Disability; Veteran’s Disability; and IPERS disability.  It is important to know the interplay between these different benefits in order to be compensated and treated fairly.  Mark’s years of experience handling these matters are a valuable asset to help you through this complicated process.


It is illegal to be discriminated against in employment, public accommodations and housing due to your race, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy status and age among other things.  Our country does not tolerate discrimination.  Mark has seen positive outcomes in the vast majority of discrimination cases he has handled.  If you feel you have been discriminated against and have credible documentation of it, Mark Rater is here to help.


Often clients need a contract drawn up to memorialize a deal, business arrangement or other agreement the parties may have.  Sometimes a client may feel a contract he or she was involved in has been breached.  If a contract is drafted properly, it is much easier to defend later.  Having a competent lawyer like Mark Rater is important in establishing and enforcing contractual relationships.

Debtor-Creditor Issues

Clients often get into trouble for failing to pay a bill on time.  Creditors can get in trouble for violating debtor’s rights.  Mark Rater is able to help either a debtor or creditor who is in such a situation.